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Early Warning - Photo

Early Warning

Country of origin:
United States
Atlanta, Georgia
Formed in:
Progressive Metal
Lyrical themes:
Introspective reflections
Last label:
Unsung Heroes Records
Years active:
Early Warning formed in early 1991 as a trio (Carrillo/Re/Vignati), and solidified in late 1991 when Chris Singer joined. They split up in 1995 when Mark Vignati quit. The rest of the band continued as Spirit Animal, with a new bassist.
Mark Vignati Bass
See also: Death Beast, Rampage, ex-Gomorrah, ex-Black Moon Rising, ex-ChemiKiller, ex-Skiptoe, ex-Wolfburg
Dave Re Drums, Backing Vocals
See also: ex-Spirit Animal
Frank Carrillo Guitars
See also: ex-Spirit Animal
Chris Singer Vocals, Guitars
See also: ex-Spirit Animal
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