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Druadan Forest - Photo

Druadan Forest

Country of origin:
Hyvinkää, Uusimaa
Formed in:
Epic Black Metal/Ambient, Dungeon Synth
Lyrical themes:
Current label:
Werewolf Records
Years active:
1998-1999, 2016-present
Started as a dungeon synth project and was later reformed as a metal band.

Drúadan Forest, also known as the Tawar-in-Drúedain, was a pine forest of Gondor, located in Anórien, which was North of Minas Tirith, in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.

Compilation appearance(s):
- "Beyond Bloodred Horizons" on In Mordor Where the Shadows Are - Homage to Summoning (Wolfspell Records, CD, 2016)
V-Khaoz Everything (1998-1999, 2016-present)
See also: Embryonic Slumber, Olio Tähtien Takana, V-Khaoz, Vargrav, ex-...Fallen, ex-Grieve, ex-Oath, ex-Oath of Cirion, ex-Svartalfheim, Dim Lights, Old Serpent's Lore, ex-Azaghal, ex-Hiisi, ex-Kalmankantaja, ex-Marras, ex-Hin Onde, ex-Hellkult, ex-Calm (Fin), ex-Illusion of Death
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