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Draug - Photo


Country of origin:
United States
Gulfport, Mississippi
Formed in:
Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Demons, The Undead, Vikings, Death
Current label:
Speed Ritual Records
Years active:
The Draugr is, according to Medieval Icelandic Sagas, an evil and restless dead that torments and causes harm to the living. In Later Norwegian folklore, the Draugen is mostly associated with sailors that died at sea.
Jared Moran All instruments, Vocals (2011-present)
See also: 54R, Acausal Intrusion, Acrid Tomb, Ange de la Mort, Bloodsick, Burial Curse, Cave, Conjuration Trance, Corpse Arise, Dragón Blanco, Eats Aids, Er Murazor, Evaporated Sores, Feral Lord, Filtheater, Flesh Configuration, Flittering, Forestfather, Gastric Phantasm, Herculean Death, Hollowed Idols, Inner Sphere, Ishimura, Kamikaze Pilots, Louching, Maggot Crown, Mountain of Beard, Myrkridia, Obsidian Hooves, Occulsed, Out of the Mouth of Graves, Psionic Madness, Qqgcguvhjn, Raum, Shokushu Goukan, Slog, Spawning Vats, Subterranean Birthright, Tacit Annihilation, The Breaking Wheel, The Plague Doctor, Ultima Weapon, Uzumaki, Vomitwolves, Xvart, Yzordderrex, Zombie Raiders, Scowl, ex-Immaculate Molestation, ex-Ithaqua, ex-Putrefying Cadaverment, ex-Your End, ex-Morgue Walker, Boiled Tongue, Confined Space, Dragunov, Homie Kisses, Hymn, Irradiated Marrow, Nightcall, Old Woman with No Teeth, Oral Techniques, Popiel, Regress, Ropeman, Scourge Whip, The Incredible Melting Man, Ull Equip, weathervacation, ex-Cosmic Atrophy, ex-Gurthang, ex-Oshiego, ex-Vixenta, ex-Bunker Buster, ex-Driven by Suffering, ex-Recovery Period, ex-S & M Party, ex-Seppuku, ex-The Men Behind the Sun, ex-The Nautilus
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