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Division of the Spoils

Country of origin:
Tampere, Pirkanmaa
On hold
Formed in:
Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Lyrical themes:
Chaos, Death, Evil, War
Last label:
Years active:
Last known
Jaakko Oksanen Bass
See also: Astral Sleep, Reveries End, Sightless, ex-Mystic Opera
Rolf Pilve Drums
See also: Essence of Sorrow, Megiddon, Reversion, Solution .45, Status Minor, Stratovarius, The Dark Element, The Hypothesis, Samuli Federley (live), ex-Beyond the Dream, ex-Full Scale Conflict, Harri Kauppinen, Smackbound, The Magnificent, True Cult Club, ex-Amoth, ex-Code for Silence, ex-Dreamtale, ex-Miseration, ex-Random Eyes, ex-Sightless, ex-Wintersun (live), ex-Nordjärvi
Mika Anttila Guitars
Markus Heinonen Vocals, Guitars
See also: Astral Sleep, Chaotic Sanity, Kausalgia, Night of Suicide, Seer of Ages, ex-Fistful, ex-Hypotermia, Retaliation's Hammer, ex-Church of the Dead, ex-Satan's Fall, ex-Stone Ship
Henkka Vocals
Eero Vocals
Henkka Vocals
Eero Vocals
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