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Disarticulating Extinguishment

Country of origin:
Murmansk/Moscow (early); Murmansk/St. Petersburg, Russia - Kyiv, Ukraine (later)
Formed in:
Slam/Brutal Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Christianity, Death, Spiritual/social themes
Last label:
Imbecil Entertainment
Years active:
Formed in October of 2009, the band was originally confined to Russia only but as years progressed, the group branched to Ukraine as well.

Compilation appearances:
- "Indurate Laceration" on Blasting Turbulence Compilation, Vol. 1.
- "Apocalyptic Esotericism" on Brain Decomposition (Metalfile, 2011).
- "Noisome Pestilence" on Christian Brutal Death Metal Volume 1 (Christian Brutal Death ...
Kirill Issakov Bass (2009-?)
Vlad Melnik Guitars (2009-?)
See also: Corpseflesh, Cranial Osteotomy, Derogation, Dripped, Imprecated, Neurogenic, ex-Voracity
Anton Karavaev Guitars (2009-?)
Lev Kurgansky Drums (2010-?)
See also: Horror God, Necrom, Sermon of Mockery, ex-Ezophagothomia, Relic Wave, Statist, ex-Derogation, ex-Endocranial, ex-Fleshgore, ex-Necropsy Defecation, ex-Posthumous Blasphemer, ex-Violateress, ex-Січгарт, ex-Широкий Лан, ex-Grave Circles (live), ex-Morkesagn (live), ex-Barrabeck, ex-Infidelity, ex-Shizophrenic Оbscurism, ex-Zorg Incorporated, ex-Детонатор
Nika Clitoridectomy Vocals (2010-?)
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