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Diabolos Rising

Country of origin:
Athens, Attica
Changed name
Formed in:
Lyrical themes:
Satanism, Misanthropy
Last label:
Osmose Productions
Years active:
1994-1996, 1996-? (as Raism)
Adv.MCD tx'96 for an EP called "Jesus Loves You" do exist, but were never officially released by Osmose/Kron-H.

Compilation appearances (exclusive tracks):
• "World Domination", playing the song "Satanas Lead Us Through (Luciferian Mix)", released by Osmose Productions in 1995.
• "Souvenirs from Hell", playing the song "Die Elektrischen Vorspiele", released by Cthulhu Records (Germany) in ...
Magus Wampyr Daoloth All instruments
See also: Necromantia, Thou Art Lord, Yoth Iria, ex-N.A.O.S., ex-Principality of Hell, ex-Raism, ex-Necromancy, ex-Rotting Christ, ex-Zemial (live), ex-Mortify, ex-Danse Macabre, ex-Demented, ex-Wampyre ShadowWolf
Mika Luttinen Vocals
See also: Impaled Nazarene, ex-Raism, ex-The Rocking Dildos, ex-Obscene Eulogy, ex-Astaroth, ex-Mutilation, ex-Pyrokinesis, ex-Schizor
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