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Dead Serious - Photo

Dead Serious

Country of origin:
Zele, East Flanders
Formed in:
Thrash Metal/Crossover
Lyrical themes:
Ducks, Drinking, Moshing
Last label:
Toxo Records
Years active:
1987-1993, 1993-1995 (as Die Sinner Die)
Compilation appearance(s):
- "The Look" on Cries of the Unborn (West Virginia Records, 1991, CD)

The band split-up in 1993, after drummer Marc was killed in a motorcycle accident. Ivan De Strooper, Jan 'Jay' Van Der Poorten, and bassist Gunther 'Gunny' Poppe then started a new band, Die Sinner Die.
Gunther "Gunny" Poppe Bass (1987-1993)
See also: Cult of Scarecrow, ex-Trial, ex-Metalbreaker
Marc "Mike Thunderstick" Vereecken Drums (1987-1993)
(R.I.P. 1993) See also: ex-Trial, ex-Creeping Silence
Jan "Jay" Van Der Poorten Guitars (1987-1993)
See also: Cult of Scarecrow, ex-Explorer, ex-Highest Stage
Ivan De Strooper Guitars (1987-1993)
See also: Cult of Scarecrow, ex-Explorer, ex-Revival
Armand "Armando Don Beast" Tiebout Vocals (1987-1993)
(R.I.P. 2021) See also: ex-Explorer, ex-Revival
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