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DeadRisen - Photo


Country of origin:
United States
New Jersey
Formed in:
Progressive Metal
Current label:
AFM Records
Years active:
Not to be confused with the grindcore/death metal band Dead Risen.

Contact: [email protected]
Mike LePond Bass (2019-present)
See also: Affector, Arkenstone, Burnt City, Death Dealer, Everdawn, Eynomia, Mike LePond's Silent Assassins, Rivera/Bomma, Symphony X, Two Hundred Feet, Waken Eyes, Wings of Destiny, Distant Thunder, Heathen's Rage, Stygia, ex-Brute Force, ex-Holy Force, ex-Fatal Array, ex-Ureas, Ango Tasso's Air Force, Dead on Arrival, Mike Bino Project, ex-Eternity's End, ex-MindMaze, ex-Ross the Boss, ex-Seven Witches, ex-Sleepy Hollow, ex-Them, ex-Helstar (live), ex-Incognito Theory (live), ex-Midnight Eternal, ex-Painmuseum, ex-Ashenveil, ex-Elegacy, ex-Operatika Element (live), ex-Malakis Reign, ex-Friends of Jason, ex-Last Union, ex-Rattlebone
Dan Prestup Drums (2019-present)
See also: Everdawn, Rivera/Bomma, Spider Rockets, ex-Midnight Eternal
Rod Rivera Guitars (2019-present)
See also: Mike LePond's Silent Assassins, Rivera/Bomma
Tony Stahl Keyboards (2019-present)
See also: Last Breed, Livesay, King's Rage
Will Shaw Vocals (2019-present)
See also: Athem, Infinite Spectrum, Riesenwolf, Rust Belt Gothic, ex-Abodean Skye, ex-Purity, ex-Heir Apparent
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