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Cult of Unholy Shadows

Country of origin:
United States
Eugene, Oregon
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Death, Hatred, Satan
Last label:
Years active:
From left to right: Tenebrion, Deceiver, Lord Gorlim, Plagueon

The band has been known to cover The Cure song "A Forest."

Also contributed to:
- Exhibition the First (released by Glossolalia Records), with the song "Spreading Destruction"
Plagueon Drums (2008-?)
See also: Tormentium, ex-Hiding, ex-Effigy in the Mausoleum, ex-Kaoxifer, ex-Soulscythe
The Unholy Deceiver Guitars (2008-?)
See also: ex-Noctuary
Lord Gorlim Vocals, Bass (2008-?)
See also: ex-Darktower, ex-Effigy in the Mausoleum, ex-Immortal Pride, ex-Blasphemous Abnormality, ex-Meatwood
Tenebrion Guitars (2011-?)
See also: Death Fetishist (live), ex-Hiding, ex-Kaoxifer
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