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Cryptic Death

Country of origin:
Sala/Salbohed, Västmanland
Formed in:
Black/Death Metal/Grindcore
Lyrical themes:
Death, Wars, Nuclear, Sex, Drugs
Last label:
Salute Records
Years active:
The band was active for a very short time during the late 80´s. And made one demo in 1988 and a other one in the year after called "Die".

Not to be confused with:
  • Cryptic Death from Haparanda
  • Cryptic Death from Grytgol
  • Bozz Drums, Vocals (1988-1989)
    See also: ex-Equinox, ex-Killteam, ex-Obey
    Schizo Guitars, Vocals (1988-1989)
    See also: Dawn of Apocalypse, Demorian, Doomsday Prophet, Fleshcrawler, Frostgripen, Headless Berserkers, Luciferian Blood, Wintercold, Woe Is the Accursed Earth, Tragic Serenade, ex-Affliction, ex-Camazotz, ex-Corpestor, ex-Equinox, ex-Killteam, ex-Nostalgie Depression, ex-Pazuzu, ex-Curse, ex-Obey, Darkness Finder, Magiska Krafter, ex-Curse of Wotan, ex-Excotic Flower, ex-Kollaps, ex-No Agony, ex-Satanic Ritual, ex-Tales
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