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Clockwork Spirit

Country of origin:
Formed in:
Black/Gothic Metal
Lyrical themes:
Occult, Philosophy, Horror
Last label:
Danse Macabre
Years active:
2007-2011 (as Amarantine), 2011-2012
Roni Ärling Bass (2011-2012)
See also: Lie in Ruins, Perdition Winds, ex-Neutron Hammer, ex-Amarantine
Rainer Tuomikanto Drums (2011-2012)
See also: Ajattara, Causemos, Decomposter, Woland, Kalmisto (live), ex-Kiuas, ex-The Undivine, ex-Amarantine, ex-Inthral, Grave Pleasures, ex-Dead Shape Figure, ex-Shining, ex-Abhorrence (live), ex-Evince, ex-Before the Dawn (live), ex-Spirit Disease (live), ex-RUST
Perttu Kajatkari Guitars (2011-2012)
See also: ex-Raakku, ex-Amarantine
Jarno Tervo Guitars (2011-2012)
See also: ex-Amarantine
Nino Hynninen Keyboards (2011-2012)
See also: Hanging Garden, ex-Raakku, ex-Amarantine
Toni Toivonen Vocals (2011-2012)
See also: Hanging Garden, 2nd Suicide, ex-Raakku, ex-Amarantine
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