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Chrome Waves

Country of origin:
United States
Chicago, Illinois
Formed in:
Post-Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Loss, Urban Life, Depression
Current label:
Gravedancer Records
Years active:
Formed in the summer of 2010.
Bob Fouts Bass (2010-2013), Drums (2010-2013, 2016-present)
See also: Doomsday, Amongst the Swarm, Christ Beheaded, ex-Phantom Witch, ex-The Gates of Slumber, ex-Apostle of Solitude, ex-Harakiri, ex-Steel Aggressor, ex-Nachtmystium (live), ex-Burn It Down
Jeff Wilson Guitars, Synthetizers (2010-present)
See also: Doomsday, Le Chant Funebre, Negative Mantra, Liar in Wait, Missing, ex-Abigail Williams, ex-Bringers of Disease, ex-Krieg, ex-Nachtmystium, ex-Von, ex-Wolvhammer, ex-Tombs (live), ex-Dyngyr
Stavros Giannopoulos Vocals (2010-present)
See also: The Atlas Moth, ex-Twilight, ex-Wrekmeister Harmonies (live), ex-Altar of Plagues (live)
Rob Hultz Bass (2016-present)
See also: Solace, The Disease Concept, Trouble, ex-Godspeed, Dizmal Daze, ex-Social Decay, ex-The Swill, ex-Lethal Aggression, ex-Dawn of the Iron Blade, ex-Robot Dicks
Ken Sorceron Guitars (2016-present)
See also: Abigail Williams, Cobalt (live), Tombs (live), Bro Jovi, Vesica Piscis, ex-Aborted, ex-Belhor, ex-The Faceless, ex-Wolvhammer (live), ex-Lord Mantis, ex-Mercitron, ex-Nibirus (live), ex-System Divide (live), ex-Awesome, ex-Born of Fire, ex-Guns, ex-Kyds vs Columbus, ex-Missing, ex-Nihil, ex-Victims in Ecstacy, ex-Virii, ex-N17 (live)
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