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Country of origin:
United States
Cleveland, Ohio
Changed name
Formed in:
Death Metal/Crossover
Lyrical themes:
Death, Insanity, Violence, Religion, Society
Last label:
Bile Productions
Years active:
1992-1993, 1993-1997 (as Hemdale), 2013-present (as Hemdale)
After releasing their 10 song demo in 1993 on their own Bile Productions, they changed their name (and style) to Hemdale, adding more screamed and growled vocals, blastbeats, shorter songs, and other Grind elements, were Choke used more traditional Death and Thrash drumming styles, Crossover style shouted vocals, and wrote 3-5 minute songs.

The name change was possibly done to avoid confusion ...
Matthew J. Rositano Bass, Vocals (lead) (1992-1993)
See also: Accept Death, Hemdale, Scumchrist, ex-Saints of Pain, Muzzleloader, ex-Fistula, ex-Pale Creation, ex-King Travolta, ex-Hangnail
Craig D. Rowe Drums (1992-1993)
See also: ex-Saints of Pain, ex-Exploder, ex-Hemdale, ex-Sloth
Michael Lehmann Guitars, Vocals (backing) (1992-1993)
See also: Columns, ex-Hemdale
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