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Chaos Rising

Country of origin:
France / Germany / United Kingdom / Sweden / Hungary / Russia / Iran / Argentina
Formed in:
Groove/Thrash/Heavy/Melodic Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Current label:
Years active:
Collaborative international metal project open to every female artist interested in metal music.

Contact: [email protected]
Tina Gruschwitz Bass
See also: Demorphed, Cryoblood
Natalia Rozanova Bass, Double bass
Mel Most Bass, Guitars
Ksenia Dolgorukova Cello, Orchestrations
See also: Bunraku
Laura Bethge-Meyer Clarinet, Baritone saxophone
Pitchu Ferraz Drums
See also: As Mercenarias, Dominatrix, Wander Wildner, ex-Ajna, ex-Nervosa, ex-Hellsakura
Audrey Gardenat Drums
See also: Aesmah, Xerod, Karczoch, ex-Lessen
Janaina Melo Drums
See also: Autopse, Janaina Melo, Slave in Agony, ex-Pure Hate, ex-Sinaya
Renee Cobcroft Drums
See also: ex-At World's End
Nicole Trinchero Drums
See also: Acroma, The Nothing, ex-UnFear
Mio Jäger Guitars
See also: Frantic Amber, ex-Ice Age, ex-Jayce Landberg, ex-Arcane Reality (live)
Barbara Teleki Guitars
See also: ex-Aynsophar, Barbara Teleki
Stéphanie Nolf Guitars, Bass, Piano, Drums, Drum programming, Orchestrations, Vocals (harsh)
See also: Unsafe, ex-Ashes Arise, ex-Endless Fall, ex-Syrinx
Catherine Fearns Guitars, Piano, Keyboards
Aliki Katriou Vocals
See also: AKKT, Desolate Plains, Eight Lives Down, Tattered Pages, ex-Cyclocosmia
Behnaz Ghavidel Vocals
See also: Coded Nature
Britta Görtz Vocals
See also: Critical Mess, Hiraes, ex-Cripper
Isa Lçn Vocals
Imke von Helden Vocals
See also: ex-Realm of Chaos
Anika ov Moseberg Vocals
See also: Virocracy
Corinna Kurschatke Vocals
See also: Oriic, Bloodfinch
Lisa Skuld Vocals (clean), Piano
See also: Kalyss
Luana Dametto Drums (2021-present)
See also: Crypta, ex-Apophizys, ex-Nervosa
Elena Dergaus Drums (2021-present)
Aleksandra Stamenković Guitars (2021-present)
See also: Jenner, Sigma Epsilon, ex-Hellcats, ex-Prisoner (live)
Francesca Mancini Guitars (lead) (2021-present)
See also: Sudden Death, Necrosy (live)
Julia Sergent Vocals (2021-present)
See also: Acroma, The Nothing, ex-UnFear
Miss ScarRed Vocals (2021-present)
See also: Nuking Moose, ex-Aeternitas
Alessia Mercado Vocals (2021-present)
See also: Burning Flesh, Murge
Keira Kenworthy Bass (2022-present)
Ithil Bass (2022-present)
See also: De la Muerte, Hellucination, Sudden Death, Ulfhednar
Siddhi Shah Drums (2022-present)
Ely Kamyk Drums (2022-present)
Andrea Krakovská Guitars (lead) (2022-present)
Victoria Villarreal Guitars (lead) (2022-present)
Haniye Kian Vocals (2022-present)
See also: Desecrate
Astrid Anayalation Vocals (2022-present)
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