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Chalice of Sin

Country of origin:
United States / Denmark / Italy
Formed in:
Heavy/Power Metal
Lyrical themes:
Current label:
Frontiers Records
Years active:
Alessandro Del Vecchio Bass, Keyboards
See also: Edge of Forever, Eleventh Hour, Faithsedge, Jorn, Level 10, Silent Force, Sunstorm, The Grandmaster, Verde Lauro, Dragon's Cave (live), Brunorock, Hardline, Killer Kings, Kraemer, Lovekillers, Mayank, Moonstone Project, Poison Rose, T3nors, The Big Deal, Voodoo Circle, ex-Eden's Curse, ex-Fury n Grace, ex-Axe, ex-Frontiers All Stars, ex-Lionville, ex-Glenn Hughes (live)
Mirkko DeMaio Drums
See also: Mind Key, The Grandmaster, The Flower Kings
Martin Jepsen Andersen Guitars
See also: Anchorite, Meridian, Legend (live), Blindstone, ex-Kuko De Kobra
Wade Black Vocals
See also: Clockwork Revolution, Disaster/Peace, Lucian Blaque, War of Thrones, ex-Leash Law, ex-Leatherwolf, ex-Seven Witches, ex-Tiwanaku, ex-Crimson Glory, ex-Ben Jackson Group, ex-Astaroth, ex-DeuxMonkey, ex-Sector 9, ex-Slash Maraud, ex-Templar
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