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Country of origin:
Mexico City
Formed in:
Death Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (later)
Lyrical themes:
Darkness, Hate, Death
Last label:
Asphyxiate Recordings
Years active:
1988-1989 (as Damned Cross), 1989-2002
Cenotaph were veterans of the Mexican death metal scene, having formed in 1989, originally under the name Damned Cross.

A Cenotaph is a tomb or a monument erected in honour of a person or group of persons whose remains are elsewhere.

Former vocalist Daniel Corchado left after one album, moving on to Incantation and now The Chasm.

Compilation Appearances:
- "Larvs Of Subconscious" on ...
Last known
Oscar Clorio Drums
See also: Denial, Heavens Decay, The Suffering, ex-Damned Cross, ex-Shub Niggurath
Samuel Ocadiz Guitars
See also: ex-Foeticide, ex-The Suffering
Edgardo González Vocals
See also: ex-Foeticide
Fernando Garcilazo Bass
See also: ex-Allister, ex-Anarchus
Rodolfo Riveron Bass
See also: ex-Sindios, ex-Sol Negro, ex-The Chasm
Roger Guitars
Gustavo Guitars
Eduardo Guevara Guitars
See also: Metralla, ex-Blood Reaping, ex-Hacavitz, ex-Impiety, ex-Pyphomgertum, ex-Raped God 666, ex-Rapture
César Sánchez Guitars
Guillermo Delgado Guitars
See also: ex-Damned Cross
Julio Viterbo Guitars
See also: Heavens Decay, Question of Madness, Shub Niggurath, ex-Tormentor, ex-Acerus, ex-Obeisance, ex-The Chasm
Daniel Corchado Vocals, Bass, Guitars
See also: Acerus, Magnum Itiner Interius, The Chasm, ex-Damned Cross, ex-Incantation, ex-Obeisance, ex-Metalucifer (live)
Past (Live)
Ivan Bloodhunter Vocals
See also: ex-Under Moonlight Sadness, ex-Death's Forsaken, ex-Denial, ex-Dew of Nothing, ex-Foeticide, ex-Toxic Hate
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