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Carol Ann

Country of origin:
United States
Phoenix, Arizona
Formed in:
Sludge Metal/Crust
Lyrical themes:
Death, Depression, Pain, Humanity, War
Last label:
Catchphraze Records
Years active:
1997-2004, 1997-?
Carol Ann planned to release split record with Sea of Deprivation. Prepared material was unreleased (possibly due to suicide of Phil Hansford of Sea of Deprivation) but Carol Ann side can be found on YouTube nowadays.
Nick Phit Bass, Electonics, Keyboards
See also: Graves at Sea, Nostra Cornu, The Walk of Shames, ex-Atriarch, ex-Uzala
Josh Bodnar Drums, Vocals
See also: Sorrower, ex-Black Hell
Frank Devenport Guitars, Vocals
See also: ex-Black Hell
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