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Cardinal Sin

Country of origin:
Formed in:
Melodic Death/Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Wrong Again Records
Years active:
1995-1996, 2003-?
Formed by John Zwetsloot a year after he left Dissection in 1994. The 4-track EP Spiteful Intents features a trademark classical composition by Zwetsloot. Having disbanded after the EP, they reformed in 2003 with a partially new lineup. They have yet to release anything beyond their sole EP.
Alex Losbäck Bass (1995-1996, 2003-?)
See also: ex-Decameron, ex-Aisumasen, ex-Despite, ex-Sworn, ex-Runemagick (live), ex-The Resistance, ex-The Preachers
Jocke Göthberg Drums, Vocals (1995-1996, 2003-?)
See also: ex-Darkified, ex-Grimorium, Johnny on the Spot, Nifters, ex-Dimension Zero, ex-Marduk
John Zwetsloot Guitars (1995-1996, 2003-?)
See also: ex-Fuck You All, ex-The Haunted, ex-Dissection
Devo Andersson Guitars (1995-1996, 2003-?)
See also: Marduk, Overflash, ex-Endarker, ex-Pain (live), ex-Allegiance, ex-Illfigure (live), ex-Atom & Evil, ex-Sargatanas Reign, ex-Dear Mutant
Dan-Ola Persson Vocals (1995-1996, 2003-?)
See also: The Ancients Rebirth, ex-Entity, ex-Fall from Grace, ex-Enthral, ex-Pagan Rites (live), ex-Come With Me
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