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Captured! by Robots - Photo

Captured! by Robots

Country of origin:
United States
San Francisco, California
Formed in:
Lyrical themes:
Society, Corruption, Anti-religion
Current label:
Robotic Resistance Records
Years active:
The band's founder, Jason "JBOT" Vance, ostensibly composes the music himself, but programs two animatronic robots named "GTRBOT666" and "DRMBOT 0110" to perform guitar and drums both on record and in a live context. Vance maintains a fictional story behind the band that he has been "enslaved" by these two robots and is forced to perform in the band against his will.

The band initially ...
JBOT Vocals, All instruments (1997-present)
See also: ex-Blue Meanies, ex-Skankin' Pickle
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