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Call the Paramedics

Country of origin:
United States
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Formed in:
Death Metal/Grindcore with Rock/Punk influences
Lyrical themes:
Causing Pain, Rape, Vulgarity
Last label:
Useless Drunk
Years active:
After the band split up, Drew and Rob formed a new band called Hammer Fight.

Compilation appearances:
- "Shred or Be Shreded" on Shred or Be Shreded (Buriedinhell Records)
- "Tell Your Girl Friend's Tits to Stop Staring at My Eyes" (1:36) on Beyond Damnation (Buriedinhell Records, 2011)
Drew Bass
See also: Hammer Fight, Kalopsia, Tombs, ex-Limb from Limb, No Holds Barred, ex-Pyrexia (live)
Mike Drums
Justin Guitars
Ryan Guitars
Rob Guitars
See also: Faith or Fear, ex-Hammer Fight
Shlak Vocals
See also: Eat the Turnbuckle, Bottomless Pit, Crack House
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