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Country of origin:
Bergen (early), Bø (mid), Limousin, France (later)
Formed in:
Black Metal, Ambient
Lyrical themes:
Myths, Folklore, Odalism, Darkness, Philosophy
Current label:
Byelobog Productions
Years active:
1991-2000, 2009-present
In 1991, when Satanel disbanded, Vikernes revived his solo project, changing the name to Burzum (which translates to "darkness" in J.R.R. Tolkien's Black Speech, which is spoken by orcs and other creatures of Mordor). Handling all instruments and vocals by himself, he recorded Burzum's first four full-length albums in a span of just over one year. In addition to all that, he joined Mayhem on ...
Varg Vikernes All instruments, Vocals (1991-2000, 2009-present)
See also: ex-Mayhem, ex-Old Funeral, ex-Kalashnikov, ex-Satanel, ex-Uruk-Hai
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