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Bury the Pariah

Country of origin:
United States
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Formed in:
Technical Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Death, Insanity, Comedy
Last label:
AcidVictim Records
Years active:
Lars "The Mullet" Lombardo Drums
Jerry Hauppa Guitars
See also: Prezir, ex-Acanthrophis, ex-Ara, ex-Bled Awake, ex-Divisive Skin, ex-Steel Iron, Concentric, ex-Northless, ex-Forever Is Forgotten, ex-Invoke the Flood, ex-Wings of Scarlet
Mars Vocals
See also: ex-Divisive Skin
Joseph Vocals
Rory Heikkila Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum programming
See also: Prezir, Shroud of Despondency, ex-Divisive Skin, ex-Domain Malevolence, ex-Gust, ex-Heedless Descent, ex-Promethean Parallax, ex-Dead to Earth
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