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Burning Winds

Country of origin:
United States
Brooklyn, Michigan
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Satanism, Death, Destruction
Current label:
Desacration of God Productions
Years active:
1997-2010, 2013-present
Burning Winds got their name from the Bathory song titled "Necromansy".

Appeared with "Mutilated on the Cross" on a compilation tape called "Voices of Death" (Arg./Baphometal Recs) in 2009 with other tracks by Vrykolakas, Goatvomit, Undergang, Sadomator, Legions of Antichrist, Profancer, Nocturnal Evil, Infernal Curse and Embrace of Thorns.

Also appeared on "Jesus Wept" Black Arts Comp. #1 ...
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