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Country of origin:
United States
Cleveland, Ohio
Formed in:
Death Metal/Grindcore
Lyrical themes:
Gore, Sodomy, Sadism, Cannibalism, Serial Murder
Last label:
Dark Empire Records
Years active:
1990-1994, 2016
The lineup consisted of members from Integrity and Confront (local Cleveland Straight Edge Hardcore act and Dark Empire Records artist, considered legendary within that scene) trying their hand at playing Death Metal.

Not to be confused with Bowel from Houston, Texas.
Woman Foot Bass
See also: ex-Integrity, ex-In Cold Blood, ex-Inmates
Lil Emperor Drums
See also: ex-Integrity, ex-Pitboss 2000, ex-Diehard, ex-One Life Crew
Deuce Guitars
See also: Shin 2 Shin, ex-Integrity, ex-Diehard, ex-In Cold Blood, ex-One Life Crew
Not-So-Happy Vocals
See also: ex-Confront, ex-Meanstreak, ex-One Life Crew
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