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Country of origin:
United States
Aurora, Ohio
Formed in:
Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Sin, Rock 'n' Roll, Sex, Filth, Violence, Hell, Humour
Last label:
Shifty Records
Years active:
Formed from the combined lineups of Cleveland death metal band Procreation and Cleveland Thrash/Crossover band Blatant Disregard (who previously also included Jamie Walters and released their first two demos as Steaming Feces).

"1992 Demo Sessions" - 1992 album-length demo recorded in Craig Rowe's basement studio. The only songs from this demo to be released were the 2 originals and ...
Jamie Walters Bass, Vocals
See also: Mach II, Midnight, Demona (live), ex-Sweet Roxx, ex-Destructor, ex-Sloth, ex-Terminal Lovers, ex-Toxic Holocaust (live), ex-King Travolta, ex-Abdullah, ex-Hangnail, ex-Procreation, ex-Steaming Feces
Pat Munn Drums
See also: Synastryche, ex-Blatant Disregard, ex-Sweet Roxx, ex-Doktor Bitch, ex-Sloth, ex-Steaming Feces
Terry "The Chan" Hanchin Guitars
See also: Mach II, ex-Blatant Disregard, ex-Sweet Roxx, ex-Midnight, ex-Steaming Feces
Mark Gibbs Guitars
See also: ex-Sweet Roxx, ex-Sloth, ex-Procreation
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