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Blood Incantation

Country of origin:
United States
Denver, Colorado
Formed in:
Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Space, Anunnaki mythos, Astral death
Current label:
Dark Descent Records
Years active:
Pictured (from left to right): Morris Kolontyrsky, Paul Riedl, Jeff Barrett, Isaac Faulk.
Isaac Faulk Drums (2011-present)
See also: Abysmal Dimensions, Stoic Dissention, Wayfarer, ex-Centimani, ex-Velnias (live)
Paul Riedl Guitars, Vocals (2011-present)
See also: Abysmal Dimensions, Elu of the Nine, Spectral Voice, Scolex (live), ex-Ancestortooth, ex-Merkstave, ex-M√ľnn, ex-Total Darkness, ex-Leech, Hanging Moss, ex-Velnias, ex-Hell (live), ex-Martin Luther King Diamond, ex-Sars
Morris Kolontyrsky Guitars (2012-present)
See also: Maliblis, Spectral Voice, Stillborn Fawn, Homebody, ex-Nekrofilth, ex-Wayfarer (live)
Jeff Barrett Bass (2015-present)
See also: Spectral Voice, ex-Velnias
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