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Blasphemous Noise Torment

Country of origin:
Belluno, Veneto
Formed in:
Death/Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
War, Ariosophy, Violence, Might
Current label:
Amor Fati Productions
Years active:
?-2002 (as Kaos), 2002-2004, 2008-present
Started in 2002 as a solo project but split-up in 2004, re-started in 2008 again as a solo project, and became a trio in 2009.

See also Doomhammer.

War Command Distro (WCD) is actually the label run by Titanic Furor of the Inexorable March. It was created as a sublabel in cooperation with War Kommand Productions (WKP) but soon it became different and independent since most of the WCD ...
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