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Black Mass of Absu - Photo

Black Mass of Absu

Country of origin:
United States
Buffalo, New York
Formed in:
Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Mesopotamian Gods, Satan, Anti-Christianity
Last label:
Sodomistic Rituals Productions
Years active:
Black Mass of Absu is headed by a mysterious figure named "Mr. Ski Mask." He is somewhat known in the more obscure noisecore/industrial scene for his band Ostomy; he also has a metal project called Towpath and is somewhat well known in New York for his public access program, Thunderbird Theatre. It is unknown which persona Mr. Ski Mask assumes in Black Mass of Absu, and the other band members' ...
Pandora's Blue Box Bass
Bifrons Drums
See also: ex-Corpus Dei, ex-Failures' Union, ex-La Cacahouette, ex-No Reason, ex-No Time Left, ex-Soiled, ex-They Live
Count Von Kromm Guitars
Santero Puto Keyboards
Absu Himself Vocals
See also: ex-Towpath, ex-Anal Pudding, ex-GreggreG 2000, ex-Ostomy, ex-Ski-Mask & The Bucketmen, ex-The Next Syphillis
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