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Bengal Tigers

Country of origin:
Melbourne, Victoria
Formed in:
Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Women, Sex, Metal
Current label:
S & M
Years active:
1979-1983, 1989-1999, 2014-present
Bengal Tigers formed in the late 1970s and split-up in 1983, perhaps before their 1984 Cheat On single was released. However, in 1989 the band reformed. In 1999, Peter-Budge left the band.

Reformed in 2014.

Compilation appearances:
- "Got to Deliver" on Metal Madness (Concept, 1985)
- "Soul Fire" on Australian Metal Compilation 92 (Def, 1992)
- "Heave Ho" on Metalfest '92 Free Sampler ...
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