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Country of origin:
Bialystok, ‎Podlaskie
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Religion, Eastern Orthodox Liturgy
Current label:
Metal Blade Records
Years active:
2015-2018 (as Batushka), 2018-present
In December 2018, both Христофор and Варфоломей claimed they kicked the other one out of Batushka and are continuing the band separately. For now, there are two versions of the band: Христофор's Батюшка and Варфоломей's Batushka.

This page is for Варфоломей's version of Batushka.
Paweł Jaroszewicz Drums (2018-present)
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Варфоломей Vocals (2018-present)
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