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Böhse Onkelz

Country of origin:
Frankfurt am Main, Hesse
Formed in:
Punk, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Patriotism (early); Violence, Brotherhood, Urban life (later)
Current label:
Rule23 Recordings
Years active:
1980 (as Beulenpest), 1980-2005, 2014-present
The band was accepted into the Metal Archives based on the albums Kneipenterroristen and Es ist soweit

Formed in 1979/1980 by then-teenagers Stephan Weidner, Kevin Russell and Peter "Pe" Schorowsky. According to the biography Böhse Onkelz, Danke für nichts, they played their first concert on November 25th, 1980. Matthias "Gonzo" Röhr joined in 1981, the only member with previous band experience ...
Peter Schorowsky Drums (1980-2005, 2014-present)
See also: Pe Schorowsky
Stephan Weidner Guitars (1980-1982), Bass, Vocals (1982-2005, 2014-present)
See also: Der W, ex-Nordend Antistars
Kevin Russell Vocals (1980-2005, 2014-present)
See also: Kevin Russell, Veritas Maximus
Matthias Röhr Bass (1981-1982), Guitars (1982-2005, 2014-present)
See also: Matt Roehr, ex-Antikörper, ex-Fucker
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