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Auringon Hauta

Country of origin:
Imatra, Etelä-Karjala
Formed in:
Folk Metal
Lyrical themes:
Folk Beliefs, Spells, Old Way of Life
Current label:
Soundage Productions
Years active:
?-2009 (as Solgrav), 2009-present
Auringon Hauta means Sun's Grave in Finnish, just as Solgrav does in Swedish.
Lari Hammarberg Drums, Piano, Mouth harp, Vocals (growls)
See also: Thelemic Gates, ex-Solgrav, ex-Antabus, ex-Chaos Creation, ex-Poropetra
Janne Väätäinen Guitars (lead), Kantele, Flute, Vocals (clean)
See also: Antabus, Häive, My Blood, ex-Tevana3, ex-Tapa!, ex-Solgrav
Taneli Kejonen Guitars (rhythm)
See also: ex-Autumndusk, ex-Avatar Slain, ex-Solgrav, ex-Vomitfago, ex-Division 19
Niko Kuljuntausta Vocals (harsh), Bass
See also: ex-Verenperintö, ex-Solgrav, ex-Blind Secrecy, ex-Warmonger
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