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Atomic Werewolf - Photo

Atomic Werewolf

Country of origin:
United States
New Jersey
Formed in:
Melodic Thrash Metal/Crossover
Current label:
Years active:
Contact: [email protected]

Collaborative Studio Project featuring members of Swashbuckle, Suburban Scum, Summers End, Michale Graves, Gotham Road, The Banner, Johnny B. Morbid, Divinity Destroyed, Beyond the Flesh, The Concubine, Darrow Chemical Company & Dead n' Wasted.
Carmen Ugaro Unknown
See also: Johnny B. Morbid, ex-Michale Graves
Kyle Smith Unknown
See also: ex-The Concubine, Johnny B. Morbid
Pat Henry Unknown
See also: BigRig, Helcaraxë, Swashbuckle, The Bardbarians, ex-Ash & Elm, ex-Lack There Of, Born Tired, Kill Wealthy Dowager, ex-Ex Dementia (live), ex-Midnite Hellion (live), ex-We All Have Day Jobs (live), ex-The Bloodless
Paul Klein Unknown
See also: Gotham Road, Suburban Scum, The Banner
Justin Leary Unknown
See also: Beyond the Flesh
Tracy Byrd Unknown
See also: A Gathering of None, Blitzkid
Josh Hansen Unknown
See also: ex-Summers End
Mike Pollaro Unknown
See also: ex-Dissent
Eric W. Brown Unknown
See also: Nekrogoblikon, Organosyde, Swashbuckle, The Bardbarians, Vimana, Wizardthrone, ex-Collapse, Follow the Reaper, Magic Hammer, Rainbowdragoneyes, ex-Inferi, ex-Vale of Pnath, ex-Destroy Destroy Destroy, ex-Nite Nite, ex-Roniit, ex-Stuck Lucky, ex-The Dread Crew of Oddwood, ex-The Protomen, ex-The Umbilical Chords, ex-Wild Bores
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