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Country of origin:
United States
Los Angeles, California
Formed in:
Blackened Heavy/Groove Metal
Lyrical themes:
Current label:
Seeing Red Records
Years active:
2004-2016 (as Ascension), 2016-present
Contact: [email protected]

''Athanasia'' is Hellenic for ''immortality''.

Not to be confused with the mid-'80s metal band by the same name (recorded "Time Lost" album in 1985).
Brandon Miller Bass, Vocals (backing) (2016-present)
See also: ex-Ascension
Jason "Shakes" West Drums (2016-present)
See also: Evil United, Thunder Horse, Down Generation, Seventh Son, The Union Underground, ex-Sebastian Bach (live), ex-Cult to Follow, ex-Gunfire 76, ex-Jason West, ex-Murder F.M., ex-Neurotica, ex-Pitbull Daycare, ex-Wednesday 13, ex-Murderdolls (live)
Caleb Bingham Guitars, Vocals (lead) (2016-present)
See also: Grave Plague, Nightmare (live), ex-Dim7, ex-Zonaria, ex-Ascension, ex-Five Finger Death Punch
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