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Armanenschaft - Photo


Country of origin:
Lohja, Uusimaa
Formed in:
Raw Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Occultism, Transcendentalism, Esotericism
Last label:
Primitive Reaction
Years active:
Compilation appearances:
"Metal on Metal III" (CD, 500 copies, Bestial Burst/Metal Warning/Primitive Reaction, 2009) with ''Semen Syringe'' and ''Eight Bottles of Wine''
"Primitive Hammer Kokoelma" (CD, Hammer of Hate/Primitive Reaction) with "String, Stone, Grass" and "Funeral Fungi"
Lav Vrah, the Hyperborean Princess Drums
See also: Opium Warlords, Maria
Shiva Vrana Guitars
See also: ex-Femgerichte
Ancient Fisherman Vocals
See also: Azrael Rising, Friends of Hell, Loinen, Opium Warlords, ex-KLV, ex-Reverend Bizarre, ex-The Candles Burning Blue, ex-The Puritan, ex-Vironsusi, ex-Mesmer, Läjä Äijälä & Albert Witchfinder, Pussies, Tähtiportti, Babes in the Abyss (live), ex-Orne, ex-Spiritus Mortis, ex-Lord Vicar (live), ex-Lohja SS, ex-March 15, ex-Punisment, ex-Soihtu, ex-Werwolf Lodge
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