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Arctic Light

Country of origin:
Graz, Styria
Changed name
Formed in:
Melodic Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Years active:
2005-?, ?-2010 (as Thanasyris)
Formed in summer 2005 from a union between members from Lifeless (Benedikt Palier, Jakob Neuburg and Christian Salchenegger) and a metal-project of Leon Leder and Martin Hierz. The name was changed to Arctic Light when Safet Pehlic joined on keyboards.

Changed name to Thanasyris, which split up around 2010 without releasing anything.
Christian Salchenegger Bass
See also: ex-Lifeless (Aut), ex-Thanasyris
Leon Leder Drums
See also: Asfast, ex-Lifeless (Aut)
Martin Hierz Guitars
See also: High Tension (Aut), ex-NĂ¼ Jakk Citie (live), ex-Lifeless (Aut), ex-Thanasyris
Jakob Neuburg Guitars
See also: ex-Lifeless (Aut), ex-Thanasyris
Benedikt Palier Guitars, Vocals, Violin
See also: Bendejo, ex-Lifeless (Aut), ex-Thanasyris
Safet Pehlic Keyboards
See also: ex-Heathen Foray
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