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Antonio Giorgio - Photo

Antonio Giorgio

Country of origin:
Lioni (Avellino), Campania
Formed in:
Epic Power Metal
Lyrical themes:
Alchemy, Fantasy, Tales, Magic
Current label:
Andromeda Relix
Years active:
Project founded by the Italian singer-songwriter Antonio Giorgio. He calls his music "golden metal".
Steve Vawamas Bass
See also: Athlantis, Bellathrix, Mastercastle, ex-Angels in Black, ex-Shadows of Steel, ex-The Dogma, ex-Tragedian
Diego Banchero Bass
See also: ex-Malombra, ex-Zess, Ballo Delle Castagne, Egida Aurea, Il Segno Del Comando, Recondita Stirpe
Ottavio Liguori Drums
Francesco Vaccarezza Drums
See also: Overwhelm
Luca Gagnoni Guitars
See also: Veil of Conspiracy, ex-Astral Domine, ex-For My Demons
Antonello Giliberto Guitars
See also: Antonello Giliberto, Astralium, Anzamà, Purple Storm (Deep Purple tribute), ex-E-Force (live), ex-Blue Train, ex-Flowers' Grandsons, ex-Steelblade
Gabriels Keyboards
See also: Gabriels, ex-Metaphysics, Aldaria, Platens, Tales and Legends, ex-Denied, ex-Preludio Ancestral
Antonio Giorgio Vocals (2004-present)
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