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Country of origin:
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Formed in:
Groove Metal
Lyrical themes:
Life, Hardships
Last label:
D.I.Y. Music Communication Ltd.
Years active:
The band's Chinese name is "亚龙大".

Disbanded in April 2000.

Most of the band members were in the infamous Hong Kong hip-hop group LMF (Lazy Mutha Fucka/Lazy Mother Fucker), which disbanded in 2003.

Compilation appearances:
- "Destroyer" on "Hongkong Underground" Compilation Tape 1991
- "Searchin' For Your Life" on "China Fire Vol. 1" Compilation CD (1992)
- "木偶把戲" on "Max Asia" CD 1996
Jimmy Mak Bass
See also: ex-Hann, ex-LMF
Davy Chan Drums
See also: ex-LMF
Gary Cheung Guitars
See also: ex-LMF
K.K. Wong Guitars
See also: ex-Sonic Temple
Wah Vocals
See also: ex-LMF
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