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Animae Capronii

Country of origin:
Cosio Valtellino (Sondrio), Lombardy
Changed name
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Evil (early); Christianity (later)
Last label:
Years active:
2003-2004 (as Armagherion), 2004-2015, 2015-present (as Trust Your Heart)
In 2015 the band changed its name to Trust Your Heart.

Before the band's earliest tape releases, other songs were recorded on tape, but they remain unreleased. All of Animae Capronii's albums were released on CD-R, but most of them are also available for free download from the band's official website. Animae Capronii never had a real bass until summer 2013, when Cesare bought a 2nd-hand one ...
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