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Ancient Emblem

Country of origin:
Basque Country
Formed in:
Black Metal/Crust Punk
Lyrical themes:
Anti-religion/authority, Nature, Equality
Current label:
La Agonía de Vivir
Years active:
Ancient Emblem members support vegan/vegetarian way of life and stands against attitudes based on discrimination and domination such as religion, homophobia, sexism, speciesism, racism, fascism or nazism.

Compilation appearances:
- "Ancient Emblem" (04:11) on Resistance: Anti-​NSBM Volume 3 (2015)
- "Stone Circle" (04:46) on Crushing Intolerance Volume 2 (2015)
- "Sisters" (10:38) on ...
Aitzol Bass
See also: Astigarraga Thrower, Helde, Kamorräh, Logical End, ex-Iron Batasuna, ex-Anosognosia
Łukasz Drums
See also: Arde, Ura
Rubén Guitars
See also: Arde, Anunnaki Revenge, Diswar
Txusan Guitars, Vocals
See also: Helde, Kamorräh, Lucifuge (live), Logical End, ex-Aural Butchery, ex-Justice Department
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