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Country of origin:
Avignon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Formed in:
Black Metal/Post-Punk/Depressive Rock
Lyrical themes:
Modernity, Urban life, Depression
Last label:
Code666 Records
Years active:
Founded in Summer 2004 by Neige, Audrey Sylvain and Fursy Teyssier.

The band split up after releasing their first full-length album, due to an inability to agree upon the future of the band. They performed one live show back in 2005.

The meaning of the word Amesoeurs is "soulsisters" or "soulmates" in English.
Fursy T. Bass, Guitars (2004, 2008-2009)
See also: Empyrium (live), ex-Phest, Les Discrets, ex-Alcest (live), ex-The Vision Bleak (live), ex-Pleasure of Mordor, ex-Sainpaul
Neige Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (2004-2009), Drums (2004-2007)
See also: Alcest, Empyrium (live), ex-Old Silver Key, ex-Phest, ex-Dor Daedeloth, Zero, ex-Glaciation, ex-Lantlôs, ex-Mortifera, ex-Peste Noire, ex-Forgotten Woods, ex-Celestia (live), ex-Pleasure of Mordor, ex-Valfunde, ex-Emma Ruth Rundle (live), ex-Les Discrets (live), ex-Sylvaine (live)
Audrey S. Bass, Piano, Vocals (female) (2004-2009)
See also: Malenuit, ex-Peste Noire, ex-Germ (live), ex-Horns Emerging, ex-Valfunde, ex-Varsovie (live)
Winterhalter Drums (2007-2009)
See also: Alcest, Glaciation, Phobos, ex-Bahrrecht, ex-Peste Noire, ex-Hexenauge (live), ex-Les Discrets
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