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Country of origin:
United States
Portland, Oregon
Formed in:
Funeral Doom/Sludge Metal
Lyrical themes:
H.P. Lovecraft, Horror
Current label:
Profound Lore Records
Years active:
Aldebaran is the brightest star in the constellation Taurus and one of the brightest stars in the night sky.
Josh J. Bass, Vocals
See also: ex-Tusks of Blood, ex-Ealdath
Tim T. Drums, Vocals
See also: Ardour Loom, Mournful Congregation, Nightfell, Sempiternal Dusk, Terror Oath, The Howling Wind, The Warwolves, Weregoat, Saturnalia Temple (live), ex-Aghori, ex-Tusks of Blood, ex-Ealdath, Dolven, ex-Hail, ex-Shadow of the Torturer, ex-Splatterhouse
Kody K. Guitars
See also: Ardour Loom, Wolves in the Throne Room, ex-Fall of the Bastards, ex-Ealdath, ex-Oakhelm, D'gul, ex-L'Acéphale
Todd T. Guitars, Vocals
See also: Roanoke, Shrine of the Serpent, ex-Anger Management, ex-Authority Fights Majority, ex-Tenspeed Warlock
Casey Lynch Guitars (2013-present)
See also: Trepanation, Witch Vomit, Apraxic (live), Murderess
Vince B. Guitars (2014-present)
See also: Sempiternal Dusk, Weregoat, Nightfell (live), Vassafor (live), ex-Anhedonist, ex-Excommunion, ex-Shadow of the Torturer
Mike M. Vocals, Guitars
See also: Shadow of the Torturer, Wöhrböhr, ex-H.C. Minds
Mike M. Vocals, Guitars
See also: Shadow of the Torturer, Wöhrböhr, ex-H.C. Minds
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