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Country of origin:
United States
Tucson, Arizona
Formed in:
Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Death, Destruction, War
Last label:
Retrospect Records
Years active:
Additional discography:
- Killing Time / Worship the Blade (Fuck the Knife) (single/ep, date unknown)

Compilation appearances:
- "Malicious Intentions" on Iron Tyrants Waging War (World Metal Records, 1987)
- "Meltdown" on Mutilador Comp. Vol. 1 (Mutilador 'zine, 1989) and Mutilador Compilation 30th Anniversary reissue of all cassette comps (Dark Recollections, 2021, 4CD)

Not to be confused ...
Joe Nutt Bass (?-1986, 1987-?)
Rick Von Glahn Drums (?-1986, 1987-?)
Cliff Finey Guitars (?-1986, 1987-?)
Richard Shayka Vocals (?-1986, 1987-?)
See also: ex-Shok Hilary
John E. January Guitars (1988-?)
See also: Radical Dream, ex-Sheol Hades, ex-Treachery
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