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Afterbirth - Photo


Country of origin:
United States
Tawas City, Michigan
Changed name
Formed in:
Heavy Metal/Crossover
Lyrical themes:
High School Mischief, Pranks
Last label:
Boom Shanka Records
Years active:
1987 (as The Hemmeroids), 1987-1988, 1988-? (as Anarchy)
Additional discography:
- "You Know You Love Us" demo (1987, 5 songs, released under the name The Hemmeroids)
- "Oblivion & Ecstasy" (1992, released under the name Anarchy)

Not to be confused with:
Afterbirth (Death Metal from New York)
Afterbirth (Thrash/Speed Metal from Massachusetts)
Afterbirth (Death Metal from Pennsylvania)
Afterbirth (Thrash Metal/Crossover from Alabama)
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