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Acid Enema

Country of origin:
United States
Las Vegas, Nevada
Formed in:
Black Metal (early); Industrial Black Metal (later)
Lyrical themes:
Anti-Christian, Satanic War, Hatred
Current label:
Cathartic Noize Experience
Years active:
1995-2002, 2015-present
In 2003, Abhorrent formed a new band named Sangre that was active until 2017.

Current logo found on latest release by Joshua Decker.

Additional Discography:

As Agape Christian Preschool:
- 2-song Demo Tape, 1995.

As Acid Enema:
Abhorrent Vocals, Keyboards, Drum programming
See also: ex-Twilight Abyss, Destined to Fail, Pyrrhon, ex-Sangre (USA)
Nothan Bloodstorm Guitars, Bass (2015-present)
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