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Country of origin:
United States
Detroit, Michigan
Formed in:
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Years active:
1983-1992, 2002
Not to be confused with Abuse from Jefferson, Louisiana.

Formed after the demise of local Detroit bands Blade and DVS (though the latter continued on under the name Devious). Their first show was played at the Suds Factory, with Street Elite. Abuse only released one 45 single in 1984, and some demo tracks in 1985. They broke up in 1992, and reunited in 2002 for the annual ...
Jimi Dawz Bass (1983-1992, 2002)
See also: ex-Devious
Jeff "Buff" Gamble Drums (1983-1992, 2002)
See also: ex-Blade
John Grutta Guitars (1983-1992, 2002)
See also: ex-Blade
Tim Murray Guitars (1983-1992, 2002)
See also: ex-Blade
Karl Arthur Vocals (1983-1992, 2002)
See also: ex-Devious
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