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Absurd Universe - Photo

Absurd Universe

Country of origin:
Schiedam, South Holland
Formed in:
Death Metal
Dutch Pirates
Last label:
Punishment 18 Records
Years active:
Absurd Universe started as a project just for fun but in 2011 after a massive line-up shake up in Sinister which left Aad Kloosterwaard as the only remaining member, the project abruptly ceased and became the full time line-up of Sinister.
Mathijs Brussaard Bass (2010-?)
See also: ex-Inkblack, ex-Sinister
Toep Duin Drums (2010-?)
See also: Consolation, ex-FuckFace, ex-Putrefied, ex-Surf Throat, ex-Unlord, ex-Sinister, ex-Supreme Pain, ex-Blastcorps, ex-Cardinal, ex-Godmode, ex-Skulldusk
Dennis Hartog Guitars (2010-?)
See also: ex-Putrefied, ex-Sinister, ex-Hammerhawk, ex-Lunatics Without Skateboards Inc., ex-Mentorhawk, ex-Gutwrench, ex-Whiplash
Bastiaan Brussaard Guitars (2010-?)
See also: Weapons to Hunt, ex-Fondlecorpse, ex-Sinister, ex-Supreme Pain
Adrie Kloosterwaard Vocals (2010-?)
See also: Sinister, Voracious Scourge, Weapons to Hunt, ex-Godly Beings, ex-Monastery, ex-Infinited Hate, Moordzucht, ex-Houwitser, ex-Supreme Pain, ex-Thanatos, ex-Blastcorps, ex-No Face Slave
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