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Country of origin:
Västerås, Västmanland
Changed name
Formed in:
Epic Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Years active:
1988-1989 (as Witchboard), 1989-1990, 1990-? (as Les Scaandz)
Formed in late 1988 as a thrash metal quartet called Witchboard. The name was changed to Abstraction when singer Jörgen Haimanas joined in January 1989. Magnus "Dynamite" Ulfstedt quit the band in October 1990, because he wanted to go in another musical direction. Haimanas, bassist Ulf Jonsson and guitarist Peter Östros continued as Les Scaandz with drummer Jamil Batal, but split up after one ...
Ulf Jonsson Bass (1989-1990)
See also: ex-Les Scaandz, ex-Witchboard (Swe)
Magnus Ulfstedt Drums (1989-1990)
See also: Ginevra, Johan Kihlberg's Impera (live), Åge Sten Nilsen's Ammunition, Grand Design, Rockbusters, Jimi Jamison (live), ex-Eclipse, ex-Nordic Union, ex-Torch, ex-Lion's Share (live), ex-Royal Hunt (live), ex-Vindictiv (live), ex-Biting Bullet, ex-Black Diamond, ex-Blue for You, ex-Conspiracy, ex-Demand, ex-Demon Driver, ex-Dildo (DIO tribute), ex-From the Sky, ex-Hellinor, ex-Hjulvärksta, ex-Injury, ex-Jailbreak, ex-Marres Rainbow, ex-Metal Freaks, ex-Neon Balls, ex-Ozzy the Coverband, ex-Sabbath the Coverband, ex-Seventh Sign (Europe tribute), ex-Witchboard, ex-Illumination (live), ex-Mitch Malloy (live), ex-Noice (live), ex-Sha-Boom (live), ex-Shineth (live), ex-Talisman (live)
Peter Östros Guitars (1989-1990)
See also: Insania, Jaded Heart, ex-Les Scaandz, ex-Witchboard
Peter Nordlund Guitars (1989-1990)
See also: ex-Les Scaandz, ex-Witchboard
Jörgen Haimanas Vocals (1989-1990)
See also: ex-Les Scaandz
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