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Woods of Infinity

Country of origin:
Umeå, Västerbotten
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Pedophilia, Sarcasm, Murder, Nature, Mental Illness, Human Feelings
Last label:
Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Years active:
The labels Förgängelse Productions and Totalitaryan Bias were owned by Ravenlord and Melkor, respectively. However, neither label released anything apart from the cassette version of "Förintelse & Libido."

The band participated in the "Anti-Geldof-Compilation" playing the exclusive song "Thule Vaknar" (5:32).

Appears with an exclusive track, Iklädda Ert sista andetag, on the Eight Acts of ...
Melkor Guitars, Bass, Drum programming
See also: ex-Sick
Ravenlord Vocals, Samples
See also: Aktion T4, Fasa, Sapaudia, ex-Satans Helvete, ex-Kuk Med Ollon, ex-Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar
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