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Before God

Country of origin:
United States
Saint Paul, Minnesota
On hold
Formed in:
Death/Thrash/Pagan Metal
Lyrical themes:
White Pride, Heritage, Politics
Last label:
B.F.G. Productions
Years active:
Other releases:
- Promo '97
Rick Peloquin Bass
See also: ex-Brick, ex-Ossuary Insane, ex-Plunder & Pillage, ex-Hass Krieg (live), ex-Bound for Glory
Mike Drums
See also: ex-Bound for Glory, ex-Plunder & Pillage, ex-Bound for Intimidation
Wayne Peloquin Guitars
See also: Bound for Glory, Scream at the Sun, ex-Brick, ex-Shadowcraft
Ed Guitars
See also: Bound for Glory, West Wall, ex-Plunder & Pillage, Bombs Away, Bully Boys, ex-Bouncin' Betty, ex-Bound for Attack, ex-Bound for Intimidation, ex-Comrades, ex-Germanic-Slavonic Army, ex-Grenadier, ex-Mass Corruption, ex-Powerhäus, ex-The Cheburashkas
Adam Vocals
See also: ex-Brick
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